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The Poultry Value Chain in Tanzania

The Poultry Value Chain in Tanzania

Key Findings

Chicken constitute 90% of poultry kept in Tanzania and is kept by over 78% of the farming population. Official statistics indicate 

Over 35 million of chicken kept in Tanzania is indigenous while the rest is improved breeds. Exotic chicken is kept by about 15% of smallholder keepers in the country, with the largest concentration in Dar es Salaam (30%). On the other hand, eggs are produced both by commercial layer farms and indigenous systems with the layers sub-sector recording impressive growth from 2014 due to an increase in number of large scale producers.that production of chicken and its products in Tanzania somewhat stagnated between 2006- 2016 at 37 million heads of chicken and 17.8 million eggs in 2016. However, the sub-sector is projected to grow by the year 2030 with production of chicken and meat registering the biggest growth rate at 51% and 32% respectively.

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