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Potato Demand and Value Chain in Tanzania

Potato Demand and Value Chain in Tanzania SAGCOT Integrated

Key Findings

Potato is among the major ten staple crops grown in Tanzania with huge potential as food as well as income in areas with favourable climatic conditions such as highlands e.g. Iringa, Njombe, and Mbeya regions, that account for 70-80% of potatoes produced in Tanzania.Over the past two decades, ware potato production has been increasing at an annual average rate of 11% and is expected to increase by 245% by 2025. The current growth rate is more than double the increment rate for yield (5%). The average yields lie below the potential of 40–60MT/Ha at research and the proven attainable yields of 15-25MT/Ha with clean certified seed by over 50%. Production area that is currently only 10% of the suitable area has been increasing at 9.4% rate per annum. This thus attributes production growth more to opening more land than yield increase.

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