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Between 2005 and 2011, Kilimo Trust’s core mandate was grant making and provision of business development services (BDS) through public and private sector entities. During this period, the Trust managed over 50 projects, worth US$13 million in the East Africa Region. Below are some of the reports produced for legacy projects which were supported.

AT Uganda Fertilizer Promotion and Distribution Report Final

CIP Nutrition Focused Marketing of AIV-OFSP Year 3 Final Report – July 2010

ICIPE Final Report

MATF Round V Evaluation -Final Report

Promoting a Demand Driven Value Chain Alliance of Producers of Certified Organic Poultry

Report Conservation Agriculture

Report INSPIRE-Kilimo Trust

Report Kenya Tree Biotechnology Scaling Up Project

Strategic and value chain study of central Kenya dairy sector

Uganda Gatsby Trust – Club tree biotechnology FINAL PROJECT REPORT

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