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The Maize Value Chain in Tanzania

The Maize Value Chain in Tanzania

Key Findings

Tanzania was the leading producer of maize among her EAC counterparts in the period 2006-2016 and is ranked 5th in Africa. Over a period of 10 years to 2016, maize production grew at an average annual rate of 6.6% and is projected to increase by 234% in 2030. However, yield have stagnated at 1.4 MT/ha over the period of analysis a far cry from the potential of 8MT/ha.

Maize is the most important food crop in Tanzania, grown by 3.5 million farming households (60%).Southern Highlands (SHs) and the Lake zones lead in area allocation to maize at 26% and 25% respectively. However, the former zone produces 50% of maize output in the country. Around 85% of national maize output is produced by smallholder farmers (SHFs) while medium and large-scale farmers make up 10% and 5%of the lot respectively

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