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AgriPath Project


Year: September 2021 – June 2026

Country/Area of implementation: Uganda

Client/funder: GIZ through Swedish Development Corporation (SDC).


The AgriPath project is a transformative 5-year initiative (2021-2026) funded by GIZ through the Swedish Development Corporation (SDC) and implemented in different countries including Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Nepal, India, and Uganda. Agripath is implemented by Kilimo Trust in Uganda and other implementing partners including Grameen Foundation USA, ICIPE, and Centre for Development and Environment (CDE).

Core Objective: AgriPath’s core objective is to empower smallholder farmers, facilitating their transition towards sustainable agriculture through effective digital pathways. Our commitment to this mission remains unwavering.

Evaluation of Digital Advisory Services (DAS):

To realize our mission, AgriPath will rigorously evaluate models of delivering Digital Advisory Services (DAS) to smallholder farmers. Our hypothesis emphasizes the importance of complementing digital services with the presence of rural extension agents capable of providing nuanced support.

Three Distinct Models:

  • Agent-Facilitated Model: Direct support through rural extension agents.
  • Farmer Self-Service Model: Independent use of digital advisory services.
  • Hybrid Approach: A combination of both agent-facilitated and farmer self-service models.
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