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Kilimo Trust participates in a rice quality management system validation workshop
Kilimo Trust participated in a validation workshop for a rice quality management system for Uganda convened by VECO EAC on 17 December 2015. VECO EAC is a regional program of Vredeseilan that works towards sustainable agricultural value chains in Tanzania and Uganda. Currently, VECO EAC is working towards improving competitiveness of smallholder rice production, specifically, improvement of quality of rice across the entire value chain. It is against this backdrop that the organization has developed a quality management system that will be piloted in Doho Irrigation Scheme in Eastern Uganda. During the workshop, participants observed that poor quality of rice produced in Uganda reduces its competitiveness in local and regional markets, a situation that VECO EAC envisions to change. One of the representative from VECO EAC informed participants that quality of rice should be observed right from the upstream stages of the value chain from input supply to production. This is mainly because when quality is not safeguarded at these critical stages, it cannot be ensured even in subsequent nodes of the value chain. Piloting is expected to take at least three seasons starting 2016.

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