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What Is Already Possible to Enable Cross-Border Trade in EAC

What Is Already Possible to Enable Cross-Border Trade in EAC

Key Findings

The info pack presents useful information that traders, processors and organized farmers who want to engage in cross-border trade, ministries and agencies that support cross border trade and other relevant stakeholders can use to simplify agricultural produce trade across borders.”

Using “the glass is half full” approach, the IFAD funded Regional East African Community Trade in Staples (REACTS) Project chose to focus on and publicize the already existing but little unknown and/or under-utilized supportive frameworks that simplify cross-border trade in the EAC. The REACTS Project has worked with key partners to compile and present all that is already possible under the EAC Customs Union and Common Market to help a critical mass of actors to understand and take full advantage of regional market opportunity.

The info pack consolidates scattered information on initiatives aimed at facilitating cross border trade into one booklet to increase awareness on what is already possible and how value chain actors can take advantage of it.


Information provided in this booklet is periodically updated through Cross Border App that can be downloaded from Google Play as “Uza EAC App”. Click for more on UZA app

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