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Value Chain Analysis of the Coffee Sub-sector in Uganda

Value Chain Analysis of the Coffee Sub-sector in Uganda

Key Findings

Coffee, is the second largest valued commodity in international trade, and the most widely traded tropical agricultural commodity after petroleum. Trade in coffee is dominated by Latin America and Caribbean countries which account for about 57% of world exports while African countries account for about 14%, mainly of the Robusta type. In Uganda, which is the 2nd largest exporter of coffee in Africa, coffee is an important cash crop that supports over 3.5 million families at all levels of the value chain especially for income security and contributes to between 20 – 30% of foreign exchange earnings. 

Given the importance of coffee in Uganda, this study was carried out to disentangle the micro, meso and macro level factors influencing the coffee value chain in Uganda so as to guide the development of a detailed project design, if coffee is selected as a key commodity for intervention by the DIMAT Project, as well as any interventions targeting the sector.

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