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The Poultry Value Chain in Uganda

Chicken rearing is the main type of poultry production in Uganda, although other fowls such as turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks, pigeons, geese and ostriches are kept. Chicken rearing is a more vibrant commercial enterprise than the other poultry species, comprising about 95% of all poultry. Supporting over 3.2 million households, chicken rearing is an active source of livelihood and food security with potential of great reach among the population. With two distinct chicken types/ breeds produced: (i) Local/ indigenous and (ii) exotic breeds, majority of the households (over 80%) own indigenous chickens; in contrast to only (less than 10%) who own exotic ]chickens. Over the last decade, poultry production in Uganda has been increasing at an annual growth rate of 5% and is projected to grow by 98% by 2030. Over the same period, chicken meat production has been increasing annually at a 6.1% rate and is projected to increase by 130.4% by 2030.

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