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Ministry Of Agriculture ‘Proud’ Of Trainees In Vocational Education

The Graduates

The Ministry of Agriculture says students joining technical and vocational schools are genius and will be part of efforts of fulfilling the country’s targets of acquiring a middle income economy status by 2035.

Minister of Agriculture  and animal production  Gerardine Mukeshimana, pointed out that students joining vocational schools will have ‘real business’ especially in Agro-processing and food production.

“You made a good decision. Vocational schools are joined by super geniuses, not poor performing students as people used to claim,” the Minister said.

Vocational skills are practical and it’s the way to go now. Food production has business all the time. Customers want different food recipes all the time, and you are able to offer them. We want to change the image of people, that agriculture is for the poor and the elderly. This will change.”

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