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Lake zone Smart Farms (LSF) Project

Year: April 2021 – September 2022

Country/Area: Tanzania, (Shinyanga Region)

Client: AGRA/ UNDP


The Goal of the LSF is to contribute to competitive and Inclusive Transformation of the Sorghum value chain by building sustainable market system that is resilient to environmental and market shocks. This project will deliver the following:

  1. Establish sustainable structured trade partnerships (National and regional market linkages) between Musoma Food and farmers especially in Tanzania and with off-takers in Uganda.
  2. A consortium of local VC actors linked to regional off-taker (s) established.
  3. At least 2,000 sorghum VC actors access finance and other financial Products (including insurance).
  4. Demonstration sites for sorghum-legume rotation (GAP, mechanization and GPHH) established in targeted districts to increase soil fertility management.
  5. At least 15,000 MT of sorghum aggregated and sold through national and regional structured markets.
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