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Kungahara Project

Year: January 2024 – December 2026

Area/Country of Implementation: Rwanda

Client/Funder: European Union through Rikolto SON


Kungahara is a 3-year project (2024 – 2026) funded by the European Union and implemented by Rikolto SON in partnership with Kilimo Trust Rwanda and ADECOR. The project is implemented in Rwanda in the north-west districts of Musanze and Nyabihu.


The goal of Kungahara project is to boost the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable, and nutritious food in Rwanda’s north-western region specifically Musanze and Nyabihu District. The project targets to benefit at least 6,000 farmers in Irish potatoes, fruits, and vegetables value chains.

Overall objective

To enhance sustainable food production by smallholder horticulture farmers, food system resilience, and nutrition security in Rwanda’s north-west.

Specific objective(s)

  1. To increase the adoption of climate-smart technologies and regenerative agriculture practices to boost productivity, income, and sustainability of smallholder farmers, including women, and reduce postharvest losses in the potato, fruits, and vegetables production systems in Musanze and Nyabihu Districts.
  2. To enhance market inclusion of smallholders, women, youth, and other vulnerable groups through the development of fair and sustainable business relations, accessible business development services and inclusive market governance.
  3. To improve the accessibility and affordability of nutritious foods on local markets and enhance consumer rights and awareness of food safety risks and healthy diets.
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