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Characteristics of Maize End Markets in EAC

Characteristics of Maize End Markets in EAC

Key Findings

As at 2014, demand for edible oils in the region was 950,280 MT, with 35% of that being consumed in Tanzania. Of this, palm oil constituted between 48-85% while sunflower took up 20%. Around 184,000 MT of sunflower oil was consumed in 2014 majorly in Tanzania and Uganda, the lead producers of sunflower seed in the region. In addition, the animal feed industry utilized about 274,000MT of sunflower seed cake. Average per capita consumption of edible oil in EAC is 5.02kg lower than FAO recommended per capita consumption of 21kg/year.
At the same time, production of sunflower seed in the region stood at 1.35 million MT against 1.11 million MT of what was used to produce oil. Tanzania contributes around 78% of the sunflower seeds produced in the EAC followed by Uganda at 21%. In Uganda, sunflower is mostly grown in the Lira hub while Tanzania has wider and more diverse suitable agro-ecologies such as Dodoma, Iringa and Tabora

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