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Kilimo Trust hosts a policy recommendations validation workshop under the WaLETS project
One of the outputs of the Water, Land, Ecosystems and Trade in Staples (WaLETS) project is a critical assessment of relevant policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks and investment at regional and national levels, identifying strengths and weaknesses with respect to suitable and equitable food systems. It is in line with this that a critical assessment of relevant policies in Uganda was conducted and a workshop organized to validate the recommendations from the analysis.

The workshop was attended by participants with expertise in trade, gender, environment, climate change, soil science and agriculture among others. During the discussion to validate recommendations, the following key aspects were highlighted as priority areas during policy review and formulation:

a) Identify all possible policies pertaining to the policy component that needs to be reviewed since some of
Dr. Joseph Mudiope of Kilimo Trust presents the policy findings

the issues could be addressed in another policy. b) Use most recent statistics to identify policy gaps and back them up. c) Use of institutional literature is key in getting authentic information and statistics rather than individual reports and studies. d) Complimentarity and harmonization of the policy is
very important and is done by sector. Forums are held to harmonize the synergies from the various sections. The sector forums are in-charge of determining priorities which are reflected in the budget. e) Need to know the stage at which the policy is so that appropriate steps are followed during the policy review process.

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