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Consortium approach to agricultural value chain development wins international recognition
Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) project is a four year project launched in 2014 and is implemented in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania. Kilimo Trust was subcontracted by GIZ to implement CARI in Tanzania where the project aims to double the incomes of 30,000 smallholder rice producers 30% of whom are women. In Tanzania, the project is employing the consortium approach with matching grant funds to leverage private sector funding into the rice value chain to the tune of US$ 4 Million.

On 26th November 2015, Raphael Group Limited (RGL), the Lead Firm in Southern Highland Rice Consortium (SHIRCO) which Kilimo Trust is supporting through CARI project in Tanzania, won the AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. SHIRCO is a partnership between Yara Tanzania, Rogimwa Agrochemicals Company Limited, Agriseed Technologies Limited and thirty (30) groups of Farmers’ Business Enterprises (FBEs) of 6,159 smallholder farmers. RGL topped other finalists from across Africa and won the award after demonstrating how the consortium approach to value chain development has enhanced the business operations of the company and its partners along the rice value chain in Southern Highlands of Tanzania.
Due to the success of the consortium approach in Tanzania, other CARI implementing countries such as Nigeria and Ghana have also adopted it in their sub-grant projects to the benefit of smallholder farmers. Consequently the CARI steering committee in its annual meeting on the 24th October 2015 approved another 6 sub-grant projects submitted by 5 companies and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Zanzibar in Tanzania for matching grant funding. The companies include:

a) Biosustain Tanzania Limited- Lead Firm – in Sustaining Rice Production in Singida (SURIPRO) consortium; partnering with Ikungi District Council and 6 FBEs of 5,229 farmers.
b) Mamboleo Farm Limited– Lead Firm – in Rice Market Hub (RIMAH) consortium in Rufiji district partnering with Namburi Seed Company and 3 FBEs of 6,000 farmers.
c) Musoma Food Company Limited– Lead Firm – in Shinyanga Rice for Competitive Markets (SHYRICE) consortium in Shinyanga partnering with Kibo Trading Limited, Rural Urban Initiatives (RUDI) and 14 FBEs of 5,521farmers.
d) G2L Limited– Lead Firm– in Mbarali Rice Consortium
Mr. Lazaro Mwakipesile, General Manager, Raphael Group receives the award on behalf of the company
MRC) in Mbarali district partnering with OBO Investments Limited and 6 FBEs of 6,000 farmers. e) Kilombero Plantations Limited – Lead Firm – in Smallholder Crop Finance (SCF) consortium in Kilombero partnering with NMB Bank and 6 FBEs of 2,000 farmers. f) Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources(MANR)– Lead organization– in Strengthening Rice Value Chain in Zanzibar (ZANRICE) consortium. The Ministry will work with 3 rice processors and 6 FBEs of 4,573 farmers in Zanzibar.

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