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CARI project supports strengthening of the Rice Council of Tanzania
Objective 4 of the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) project envisions having an “Enabling policy environment for rice sector development” in the project implementation areas which include Tanzania. In effect, working with non-state actors to advocate for improvement of policy landscape in the rice value chain becomes inevitable. It is in this light that Kilimo Trust identified the Rice Council of Tanzania (RCT) as a suitable ‘vehicle’ to drive this agenda. The project supported the recruitment drive by translation of the strategic plan into Swahili; duplication of Swahili version of the strategic plan, registration forms and brochures and actual recruitment drive activities.

Towards recruitment of RCT members, various activities have been undertaken and the following are the results: a) More than 700 farmers, 20 processors and traders (who are not part of CARI consortium) and district agricultural officials in the
Sensitization and recruitment drive for RCT
various districts where the recruitment drive was conducted were sensitized about the existence of and benefits of joining RCT .
b) A total of 103 members who predominantly included individual farmers were registered by way of paying annual membership fee of Tshs, 5000 and a member’s card processing fee of Tshs, 2000.
c) A total of 150 potential members were pre-registered pending payment of dues. These potential members pledged to pay the membership fees by between December 2015 and January 2016.
CARI project will continue strengthening RCT and supporting it in other areas.

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