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Consortium approach to agricultural value chain development wins international recognition
Competitive African Rice Initiative) (CARI) project is a four year project launched in 2014 and is implemented in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania. Kilimo Trust was subcontracted by GIZ to implement CARI in Tanzania where the project aims to double the incomes of 30,000 smallholder rice producers 30% of whom are women. In Tanzania, the project is employing the consortium approach with matching grant funds to leverage private sector funding into the rice value chain to the tune of US$ 4 Million

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Mr. Lazaro Mwakipesile, General Manager, Raphael Group receives the award on behalf of the company
Beans Enterprises and Structured Trade in East Africa Phase 1 kicks off and realises its initial results
The Beans Enterprises and Structured Trade in East Africa Community (BEST-EAC) project; a 15 years program of Kilimo Trust received funds from FoodTrade East and Southern Africa to implement its phase 1 which will run for the period from October 2015 to December 2017. The main objective of this project is to expand structured trade of 30,000 MT/year of beans produced by between 10,000 Mr. Albert Ochenje - M&E Expert, ASDSP seeking clarification about the consortium model during buy -in meeting in Kakamega County, Kenya
– 15,000 commercially oriented small and medium
scale farmers (SMSFs), in response to specific market demand; contributing to its goal of doubling the income of these farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. In order to deliver on this objective, BEST-EAC is using the consortium model where the lead firms (LFs) are the pull factors of other value chain consortium members.

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Kilimo Trust participates in a rice quality management system validation workshop
Kilimo Trust participated in a validation workshop for a rice quality management system for Uganda convened by VECO EAC on 17 December 2015. VECO EAC is a regional program of Vredeseilan that works towards sustainable agricultural value chains in Tanzania and Uganda. Currently, VECO EAC is working towards improving competitiveness of smallholder rice production, specifically, improvement of quality of rice across the entire value chain.

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CARI project supports strengthening of the Rice Council of Tanzania
Objective 4 of the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) project envisions having an “Enabling policy environment for rice sector development” in the project implementation areas which include Tanzania. In effect, working with non-state actors to advocate for improvement of policy landscape in the rice value chain becomes inevitable. It is in this light that Kilimo Trust identified the Rice Council of Tanzania (RCT) as a suitable ‘vehicle’ to drive this agenda. The project supported the recruitment drive by translation of the strategic plan into Swahili; duplication of Swahili version of the strategic plan, registration forms and brochures and actual recruitment drive activities.
Kilimo Trust hosts a policy recommendations validation workshop under the WaLETS project
One of the outputs of the Water, Land, Ecosystems and Trade in Staples (WaLETS) project is a critical assessment of relevant policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks and investment at regional and national levels, identifying strengths and weaknesses with respect to suitable and equitable food systems.It is in line with this that a critical assessment of relevant policies in Uganda was conducted and a workshop organized to validate the recommendations from the analysis. Dr. Joseph Mudiope of Kilimo Trust presents the policy findings
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Kilimo Trust holds the Second Course of Kilimo Biashara Training Program
Kilimo Trust under its Kilimo Biashara Training Programme (KBTP) conducted a second joint learning course on building sustainable agribusiness linkages for regional trade in food staples. The training was held at Kilimo Trust Head Quarters in Kampala-Uganda from 9th – 13th November, 2015. So far, KBTP has a total of 21 graduates that will act as ambassadors of regional trade in food staples.

The five (5) day training covered the following topical areas:
a) Using a business plan as
tool to respond to market opportunities,
b) Tools for selecting business partners,
c) Negotiating Win-Win agreements, and
d) Building and sustaining agribusiness linkages.

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